our chocolates

These are our selections in the store.


Intense dark chocolate with fruit & acidic overtones made with our proprietorship blended Allure chocolate.


House-dried organic Okanagan cherries macerated in cherry juice surrounded by dark or milk chocolate.

candied cashew log

Freshly roasted cashews candied with honey & spices in milk chocolate highlighted with dark chocolate.

candied orange rind

Candied orange rind enrobed in dark chocolate.

candied ginger

Spicy ginger enrobed in dark or milk chocolate.


Madagascar vanilla beans & Manjari dark chocolate ganache, coated in dark chocolate & topped with a vanilla sugar.


Caramel ganache, surrounding a caramel cream with a roasted organic hazelnut in a dark chocolate shell.


Rice crisps & dark chocolate in a thin shell of white chocolate.

crispy sticks

Crispy cookie wafer & chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate. Available in espresso dark chocolate & raspberry milk chocolate.


A distinctive blend of tart lemon essence, Galliano liqueur, vanilla bean & white chocolate rolled in bitter cocoa.


A rich, soft caramel with fresh butter, fleur de sel & vanilla bean in a dark chocolate shell.

fleur de sel wafer

Dark chocolate sprinkled with Fleur de Sel from France.

sour cherry

House-dried sour cherries with a white chocolate & yogurt ganache in a dark shell.


Tart passionfruit puree paired with milk chocolate & topped with house-made passionfruit sugar.

espresso hazelnut cup

Ground espresso & crunchy feuilletine with hazelnut paste, dark & milk chocolate.

black sesame

A crunchy base of dark chocolate, sesame paste & feuilletine with a black sesame ganache.

apricot thyme

Apricot & thyme gelee on a Allure 71.1% ganache.

himalayan salt wafer

Pink himalayan salt in 50% dark-milk chocolate.

crunchy praline

A creamy filling of milk chocolate, hazelnut paste & crispy cookie wafer.


Intense dark chocolate with fruit & acidic overtones.

peanut butter bar

Creamy, organic peanut butter blended with milk & dark chocolate with crispy cookie wafer enrobed in dark chocolate. *Vegan option available


An elegant disc of dark, milk or white chocolate with nuts and fruit.

matcha leaf

Japanese matcha green tea infused into white chocolate, highlighted with dark chocolate.

single origin

A dark ganache made purely from a single origin chocolate. Variety of chocolate rotates throughout the year.

raspberry passion

Finely chopped house-dried raspberry fruit leather in creamy milk chocolate.

rhubarb rhapsody

Local organic rhubarb & milk chocolate ganache coated in dark chocolate & powdered sugar.


A blackberry dark chocolate ganache surrounding a blackberry cream in a dark chocolate shell.

salted caramel

Chewy chocolate caramel finished with a hint of fleur de sel, enrobed in dark chocolate.


Freshly roasted slivered almonds, pecans & chopped pistachios lightly coated in dark or milk chocolate.


Deep caramel & a pinch of sea salt flavour this milk chocolate ganache, topped with caramelized cocoa nibs.


Dark chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon, honey, & vanilla beans, sprinkled with roasted cocoa nibs.


A milk chocolate ganache perfumed with sparkling wine & rich marc de champagne coated in sparkly sugar.


Pure, rich dark chocolate ganache dusted in bitter cocoa.

coffee cardamom

A milk & dark chocolate ganache infused with coffee & cardamom. Topped with a coffee sugar.


A dark chocolate ganache flavoured with a splash of Cointreau liqueur & house made Valencia orange essence.


Hazelnut paste & milk chocolate ganache topped with chopped, caramelized hazelnuts.


A rich white chocolate ganache flavoured with tart kalamansi fruit.

lemon & basil

White chocolate ganache infused with our Meyer lemon essence & fresh basil. Coated in dark chocolate, lemon sugar & cocoa.

vegan truffle

Dark chocolate ganache with fruit puree, flavours rotate throughout the year.

lemon berry

Organic blueberry compote surrounded by a ganache made with fresh lemon & Allure.


A ganache made with the dark chocolate that our Chocolatiers feel pairs best with our current favorite whiskey.

caramel of the moment

A chewy caramel that changes with the season or by the Chef’s whim.


Organic apricot compote surrounded by an apricot milk chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell.

strawberry & champagne seduction

House made strawberry jelly layered with our champagne ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate.

coconut & lime egg

A white chocolate, lime reduction & organic coconut milk ganache in a dark chocolate egg shaped shell. Sprinkled with toasted coconut.

pumpkin & praline

Roasted local organic sugar pumpkin, spices, Appleton rum, crunchy almond praline & milk chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate.

crantini truffle

Tart, local cranberries, house infused cranberry vodka & white chocolate flavour this soft ganache. Topped with cranberry sugar.

gingerbread caramel

A mahogany caramel infused with fresh ginger, organic molasses & spices in a dark chocolate shell.


Crunchy almond praline in dark chocolate or milk chocolate.


A distinctive ganache of espresso & dark chocolate, enrobed in dark chocolate, dusted with cinnamon & cocoa.

grand marnier

Milk chocolate ganache with a splash of Grand Marnier, enrobed in dark chocolate.

cherry bomb

Soaked organic cherries with rum-cherry syrup layered with a bitter dark chocolate ganache.

eggnog truffle cup

A dark chocolate cup filled with an eggnog & milk chocolate ganache spiked with rum. Topped with white chocolate & nutmeg.


A bold espresso ganache surrounding a Sambuca cream in a dark chocolate shell.